Distributed Unconsciousness / Distributed InformationEdit

Distributed unconsciousness (DU/I) is the idea/conjecture that there exists a continuous distribution of quantum information that instantly permeates everything in the entire multiverse's D3brane. The term was first coined in Michael J. Trout's 2005 ibook The Natural Taoist. It developed out of his philosophic ponderings of gods and religion, and their association to quantum mechanics, String theory, braneworld cosmology theory, Plato's idea of inherent knowledge, Jung's concept of collective unconscious, the idea of Gaia hypothesis from the earth sciences movement as applied to an understanding of the universe, Hegel's concept of Zeitgeist, and Schopenhauer universal unconscious "will" permeating all things. It is the simple unifying string which unites science and religion. It proposes the multiverse, not just Jung's collective unconsciousness or Earth's Gaia Hypothesis, is in fact a massive holographic data network distributing quanta information throughout the multiverse instantaneously. Quantum Entanglement provides strong scientific evidence for its existence. Currently, quantum mechanics M-theory proposes the universe is a D3 brane in which nearly all particles, except gravitons, are tied by one end of their quantum "string". These strings are akin to musical notes that vibrate in a defining fashion due to influences of minute dimensional hubs. It is theorized that these strings define the nature and type of every type of wave-particle in existence. Gravitons are thought to be closed loop strings drifting between eleven or so proposed dimensions. The DU concept proposes that there exists a distributive unconsciousness holographic data field connecting everything together in our holographic universe effecting everything, from evolution theory to epigenetics. This data distribution, yet to be defined, but is evident in quantum entanglement moves information instantaneously throughout the muliverse. According to Trout, other names that can be attributed to the distributed unconscious behavior include: God, Holy Spirit, Idea Space, Self, Mind Space, ultimate spirit, holomovement, ESP, Brahman, Atman, Dharma, Karma, Shiva, Visnu, Tao, Qi, Nirvana, Heaven, Socrates' truth, Divine, the Eternal, Mother Earth-Gaia, spirituality, Morphic Field etc. "I believes that all these names exist to try to explain DU and really exist out of a human ignorance of the simple phenomenon, and it is only in the last 50 years that we finally had the science and vocabulary to start being able to define and understand the simplicity of DU and how it applies to all things"¹.

The movie The Secret and the subsequent movement has sprung up in essence is yet another articulation of the concept of DU.


"The Tao that can be named is not the eternal Tao" -- Lou Tsu

DU is the foundation or all religion and philosophies. The concept of distributed(ive) unconsciousness or information, can also be referred to as: intelligent universe, collective unconsciousness, quantum unconsciousness, holographic unconsciousness, super/massive-distributive super-consciousness, the web of life, brane of God / God's brane, the mind of God, the quantum mind-field, cloud of Being, the great subconsciousness or the ground of being, Active Information and others listed above, has its origins from philosophical exploration into Quantum theory's String theory philosophical explorations, and was extrapolated from the ideas and writing from such authors as: Plato, Karl Jung, Brian Greene, Stephen Hawkings, Michael Talbot, Joseph Campbell, Alan Watts, Richard Wilde, Fritjof Capra, Roger Penrose, Fred Alan Wolf, Frank Tipler, William Tiller, Sir James Lovelock and others. A macro version of distributive unconsciousness can be found in the Gaia hypothsis, and Jung's collective unconsciousness idea. However distributive unconsciousness takes the concepts much broader by proposing that all wave-particles share data via the the "D3brane" universe proposed in Mtheory. The Big Bang could be better explained as a "massive brane inflation/expansion" from the interaction/touching of two other branes. The rationale is that the universe is merely the continuation of the expansion and that everything is still finitely connected regardless of space-time; producing what Hooft and Susskind calls a Holographic Universe. A holographic universe could be interpreted in such a way that regards all wave-particles as a distributed information network which holds the laws of the universe. Quantum entanglement is one of the mysteries science is trying to understand fully: how is it certain particles always seems to know what the other is doing regardless of their distance from one another. The problem with this feat is that it violates Einstein's long-held tenet that no communication can travel faster than the speed of light. Since traveling faster than the speed of light is tantamount to breaking the speed of light time barrier, this daunting prospect has caused some physicists to try to come up with elaborate ways to explain away Alain Aspect's findings. But it has inspired others to offer to even more radical explanations, such as massive distributed communication via the D3brane. Philosophical and religious implications

The idea proposes that religion paradigms are just actualized, anthropomorphizing (personifications) of DU and have been colored by personal interpretations of cultural w:myths and individual w:paradigms (social, mythos heritage and experiences) interpretations of the founders trying to explain a personified DU in terms that ignorant people can understand and grasp. The rationale is that a spiritual person will feel a very strong, even a very profound intense connection to the distributive unconsciousness which can result in persons experiencing hallucination and or visions. This is what has influenced the religious prophets and individuals into establishing various cults and religions. Which is why all major religions fit within the cultural modes of the regions they were established (see Spinoza's explanation for the religions in Will Durant's book The Story of Philosophy).

Theoretical designEdit

According to m-theory all standard model particles are confined on a hypersurface (called a brane) embedded in a higher dimensional space (called a bulk). All matter and enegy are theorised in Mtheory's to have one end of their sting ends anchored to the p-branes that makes up our universe. The distributive unconsciousness thus is the pBrane itself interacting with all the stings - the data/laws - that creates what we experience as a holographic universe. Another way to think about the distributive nature of the universe is by imagining that the universe and all matter and energy is the product of just one Wave-particle and that this "genesis" particle broke down into all the particles that we know exist today. The idea is that "skin" of original wave particle still exists but as a stretched out D-brane encompassing the universe that we know and thus everything within it (the holographic universe) is still “distributively” connected and each functioning like a a type of nerve ending that is gathering and sharing data.

If DU is applied to Darwinism it helps to answer a lot of the still unknowns concerning the theory by answering its biggest criticism: How can mere random mutation and natural selection account for the complexity of life. How is it insects and plants possess a seeming intelligence? One of the problem is the lack of data and the mere randomness evolution theory implies. It`s the only theory in science that cant predict outcomes. There is basically a missing data source. DU poses a massive data source exists and that everything is unconsciously accessing and subconsciously taking the information needed just as we unconsciously do. How is it molecules, amino acids, bacteria, microbes, plants, animals seem to have the ability to develop into highly organized, intelligent designs? It does so in the similar way distributive computing can work to crack an extremely difficult algorithm by plugging in data options. It has been suggested that cells have memory and there has been research in enviromental memory being passed down to later generations via epigenetic. The idea is that since everything is tied into the distributive consciousness they intuitively evolve because they have access to the data on an unconscious level. How does a plant know what is the best seed distribution system? Plants don’t talk or communicate so how is it they know if a system is successful? How do they know what is the best possible system for their environment? However, seeing that currently distributive unconsciousness concept is still just that a concept that exists between the realms of science and theology cant be used as an argument until evidence of it can be scientifically proven.

"Possible" evidence for existenceEdit

Note the usage of the word "possible" in the header. I believe in DU and think the validation of super symmetry is all that is needed to prove it exists. However the reach of DU is another matter. DU practitionors can can be on the conservative or liberal side of things. I tend to be on the conservative side. The below mentioned are not claimed to be reasons for DU, and by listing them we are not supporting claims made by the questionable phenomena. All DU is doing is showing possible connections. Science can't verify many of the things listed below, but DU does help to provide an explanation for them. Furthermore each of these claims need to be fully debated and explored and they should not be used as "stawman" arguments against DU concept.

Quantum PhysicsEdit

"It is widely accepted now that, without a doubt, information is physical and quantum physics provides the rules of that physical behavior." -- ref

  • Supersymmetry -- how is it possible for particles to communicate instantaneously with one another regardless of their position in space-time? The only explanation is that something like DU exists. Supersymmetry communication breaks all current laws of physics. Here a fact... if two entangled particles were 13.8 billion light years apart as one moved so would the other how is that possible without DU? I beleive that enganglement to be a lot more common than we relalize. I think it permiates through all things and has had a direct impact on evolution.
  • Quantum teleportation -- particles such as electrons are able to instantaneously teleport themselves allowing them, amoung things, to escape the massive gavitational pull of black holes creating what is commonly called in science as w:hawking radiation.
  • Quantum nonocality and Quantum entanglement, 1 -- particles such as electrons and as large as bucky balls have been proven to able to instantaneously share innformaion with one another regardless of the distance separating them. It doesn't matter whether they are 10 feet or 10 billion light years apart. Bell's theorem provided the evidence that there is superluminal (faster than light) communication between particles. This instantaneous communication is proof that all is connected. Alain Aspect, via experimentation, proved entanglement exists.
  • Mtheory -- string theory's brane theory provides the foundation for DU to be built upon. If branes can be proven to exist them why couldn't data be shared in a similar fashion to holographic data and possible via the 11 or 13 microscopic dimensions that are theorized to exit.
  • Quantum electrodynamics
  • Zero point energy, 1 -- Why doesn't the zero-point energy of vacuum cause a large cosmological constant? What cancels it out? Possibly he distrribution of information via DU


  • Jill Bolte Taylor's stroke of insight -- Taylor scribes the how a brain works and how the left and right hemisphere work individually to process information. Based on your talk DU impacts the right hemisphere. information in the form of energy streams in from all our sences. In the talk she descibes us as energy beings conected to everything through the consciousness of our right hemesphere.

Evolution TheoryEdit

  • Evolution -- Many argue that evolution is missing a data sharing component necessary for many still unexplainable aspects of it. DU provides the missing link to create an holistic the For example how did coral develop a mechanism to release chemicals to spawn cloud coverage?
  • Intelligent design-- especially as observed in plant development. I think Intelligent Design has too many flaws. If one was to apply DU to evolution you would get Information Design. And terms like natural selection would be replaced with Information selection. I would like to completely rewrite Intelligent Design and The Origin of the Species to reflect DU.
  • Theory of morphic resonance by Rupert Sheldrake -- inheritance of acquired character in many ways is describing DU in action.


  • Dreams -- "Scientists, whose endless quest for objective facts is often trumped by the subjective nature of dreams, have yet to develop a common theory on what purpose dreams serve or what they mean." (ref)


  • Remote viewing and other unexplainable phenomena. Why would the CIA spend over 20yrs on remote viewing if it was not substantiated in some fashion. Remote viewing could be decribed as opening up ones mind to the DU in a particuler region, thus enabling the viewer to see that is occuring in that location. (reference1,2,)
  • Precognitionand psychic phenomena why is it that police departments and the FBI hire psychics to help solve crimes?
    • How often do police departments and the FBI hire psychics? reference?
  • Intuition -- Unconscious form or access to knowledge. Have you ever had a phone call and knew who it was? Have you ever had a feeling about something and it came true? How can you explain the uncanny knowledge? Science can't yet we all probably have experienced intuition in some form. The concept of coincidence is often used to explain such events. It is generally much more common to have a feeling about something and have it not come true, but we give such events little attention. Considering the number of thoughts we have and the number of events we see in any given day, it is probably not surprising that some should correspond. How do we explain a puppies knowledge not to jump off a table even though it has never done so and thus doesn’t have the experience. Where does this intuition come from? Or how was it the animals knew to flee the coast before the Tsunami. Sure they may have felt the sonic impulse before the wave, but where did the intuition to go to higher land come from?
  • Spirituality -- Many have been unable to actually describe what spirituality is. DU makes it clear... it's the aware of the connection with 3brane universe we live in. Most people dont feel it others think the feeling is the connection with God or some other myth.
  • Santayana: "nature is conscious in us." How? Only with something like a distributed unconciousness is this possible. In many ways, we are the waking universe seeking to know itself. Then again, George Santayana could have been speaking figuratively or could simply have been wrong.
  • Henri Bergson philosophy of intellect and God, insight in to Darwinism. "Bergsonian intuition then consists in entering into the thing (distributed unconsciousness), rather than going around it from the outside. This “entering into,” for Bergson, gives us absolute knowledge."
  • "Mind and intelligence are woven into the fabric of the universe" - w:Freeman Dyson
  • "The world (universe) disclosing itself to us" Martin Heidegger Heidegger, dazine is in many ways a discription of distributed unconsciousness. Allowing the information to come to be accepted. To understand Heidegger's concept of "dazine" is to understand distributed unconsciousness.
  • Socrates and his idea of inherent knowledge (presnted by Plato). He believed that there exist certain knowledge (information) that can be actualized. These universal truths exist for those that embrace them. I see this actualization to knowledge as a means of accessing DU.
  • The Secret -- This 2006 film does a good job of describing DU and how it can impact our lives. It does a good job in describing how I imagine DU works in plants in animals. And how DU impacts evolution.

A simple unifying idea of science and religionEdit

Historically science and religion were tightly united, but as science matured a rebellion took place as it stripped away God’s powers. DU concept provides a simple explanation for the existence of all religions and a mechanism on how all religions or describing the same thing, but with different words. It does this by explaining the underlying connection between, spirituality, science and religion. The concept provides a unifying mechanism for Darwinism and the intelligent design theories by acknowledging both mechanisms at work.

  • Consider the development of the eye, gill or another organs. Why are all cats eyes the same? Why aren’t they all different as they evolved in every type of cat or bird? Why do all gills work the same in all the million or so types of fish? If Darwinism is right we would see millions of variation of eyes and gills and other organs and such. This is one of the unanswered questions in Darwinism that DU answers.
  • Why did the predecessor of the three stomach herbivores develop a three stage stomach in a jungle environment where plain grasses didn’t thrive?
  • Why are lions in the Sudan loosing their manes? Because of the heat... which is form of information.

However, what the Intelligent Design practitioners referring to as evidence of a designer is actually just an unconscious distributive network sharing quanta data and not some external personified governor pulling the strings and putting the parts together. Though the concept is still unproven, it is believed that as science strives to create a unifying theory of everything and as the particle physics progresses to new heights, and new dimensions are proven, so will the existence of a massive super-distributive unconsciousness uniting everything back to the singularity particle that started it all.

Theology/philosophy and distributed unconsciousnessEdit

  • Religions/Sects are early organized attempts to explain the distributive unconsciousness by personifying it in relatable terms.
  • Distributive unconsciousness imagery can be found in all religious texts. In Hinduism it is related as the sleeping Vishnu, the Bible as the Holy Spirit, and the concept of Tao in Taoism.
  • God is a personified application of a distributive unconsciousness.
  • Spirituality is having a connection to the distributive unconsciousness (3 brane, or brane world.)
  • Prophets are awakened messengers sharing the concept of the distributive unconsciousness as understood by their individual cultural paradigms and knowledge base.
  • Plato explanation of knowledge is his argument for the DU in his argument (slave boy and Pythagoras theorem) about how we learn and basically had the the position that all knowledge is self derived. The new Holographic universe is merely a restating of Plato's idea for reality and knowledge.

Related material and external linksEdit


  • The Intelligent Universe -- Fred Hoyle
  • Mindscape - Alan Moore
  • Collective Unconsciousness "Self " -- Carl Jung
  • F. David Peat
  • Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D website
  • film, Down the Rabbit Hole
  • The Elegant Universe – PBS television
  • Model of Consciousness in Matter, 2
  • Biocosmos
  • Consciousness, Quantum Physics and the Brain
  • David Bohm, wiki
  • The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot
  • a lot of useful references
  • Elisabet Sahtouris, Ph.D A Scientist's Thoughts about Redefining our Concept of God, other writings.
  • York Dobyns -- Retrocasual Information Flow video
  • The Secret -- The Secret as discribed in the video is actually discribing a nature of DU.


DU places a lot of emphasis on the existence of brane cosmology or some other ether of the void that allows information to instantaneously permeate. It fails to define the exact nature of the information by stating that currently language can't describe its nature, but it goes on to illustrate examples of exchange. There is no science being conducted so it can't be labeled pseudoscience and really exists closer to a philosophical pondering.

[That's a bit of an unfair claim. DU makes quite few assertions about matters which CAN BE SCIENTIFICALLY TESTED, i.e. by high-energy physics, or astronomy, etc. Therefore there is at least a putative contest between DU and what science might reveal, now or in the future. Hence the philosophical 'pondering' might be more wisely couched with a few more caveats and disclaimers than as advocated here in this page]

It tries to grapple with unproven and untested scientific theories being expounded in string theory; it further tries to justify itself by wrapping itself around the sheets of well established metaphysical thoughts and ideas, finally it stumbles and grasps blindly at the psychic realm for support. Retrieved from ""


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